70 Voiceless Rabbits – Legal Defense Fund

I have been a long time Rabbit Advocate, rescuer and speaker for voiceless domestic rabbits.

Recently I received a Cease & Desist letter dated April 16, 2016 from Charleston Animal Society’s Attorney.  (also threatening a possible Law Suit).
This letter was sent to me after I sent out a legitimate FOIA request on February 8, 2016 regarding the 72 confiscated rabbits sent from a South Carolina shelter to a shelter in Florida, where they were turned over to a Wildlife Center/rescuer of predators who then sent them to 3 undisclosed farms.  These rabbits were publicly promised safe adoptive homes, spay, neuter and medical care however; there has been no status update on their well being.

The 72 rabbits have not been forgotten, however due to the Cease & Desist letter I need the assistance of a Law Firm in South Carolina to obtain up to date information about these rabbits.  The retainer fee and actual cost for the Law Firm who agreed to take this case depends on the time and what is needed.

I have posted a goal amount, however the amount needed could be more and could change in the future.  If any money donated is above the amount of what will be needed to handle the Cease and Desist, I will donate the remainder of the funds to Gainesville Rabbit Rescue.

I need your help to continue this Cause, No amount is too small.

You can read more about the 72 confiscated rabbits here:

Thank you for your continued support,

For The Rabbits,
Linda Sue


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