Julien Hunter Torres Crushes Rabbit

Update:  July 15, 2017 Response From Supervisory Assistant State Attorney Devin Stilson Update: June 16, 2017 PDF DOCUMENT –   TORRES-SA-Stilson-Letter WORD DOCUMENT – TORRES-SA-Stilson-Letter Update: July 8, 2017 PDF DOCUMENT – WORD DOCUMENT – The remains were brought to the Tollgate Animal Clinic, police said. where x-rays were taken. The veterinarian determined that the rabbit’s […]

Small Pet Select Hay

I have not posted about this for various reasons but can no longer be silent; my heart will never stop hurting from the unnecessary loss of my beloved rabbit I miss every day. Last July, a Small Pet Select Hay order was delivered on the floor of my porch, the hay comes laying directly in […]